Top Cash Stories of 2022: Part One

Jan 3, 2023

January: Cash Tops Gen Z Payment Preferences

Gen Z consumers prefer to pay using cash, according to a Bank of America Global Research survey conducted in ten countries across the globe. They are also averse to taking on debt, whether through credit cards or loans.

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February: Happy Birthday to Euro

First introduced as physical cash to 12 European countries in January 2002, the Euro celebrated its twentieth birthday as the currency of 19 EU countries and over 340 million people.

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March: Cash Provides Certainty in an Uncertain World

We explored why two major economies—India and Japan—prefer to transact in cash, and reported on a speech by the Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand that spoke of the continued importance of cash for the ‘security and certainty’ it provides in an uncertain world.

April: Cash in the Circular Economy

Precious metals from today’s phones and laptops will be the coins of tomorrow. Banknotes at the end of their lives can become new products that help bring water into homes, or heat them through cold winter months. Around the world, countries are continuing longstanding traditions of recycling cash, and finding new ways to integrate it into circular economies.

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May: Canadian Cash Caper Captivates Community

Cash prizes awaited residents of a city in southern Canada who solve clues posted by a mysterious figure on the local Facebook page, with hundreds of dollars already discovered.

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June: Dutch Cash Covenant Established

Major organisations across the Netherlands signed an agreement with the nation’s Central Bank to safeguard availability and accessibility of cash.

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