89% of people

in Germany say they

would not renounce

cash (ING-DiBa, 2017)

In the Middle East,

consumers made

$0.9 trillion

in cash payments

in 2016 (PYMNTS, Sep 2018)

India spent

$1.5 trillion

in cash in 2016 

(PYMNTS, Aug 2018)

The UK raised 

£320 million

for charity in loose

change in 2017

(Charities Aid Foundation, 2018)

In New Zealand,


of adults use cash

(Reserve Bank of New Zealand, 2018)

In France, people 
chose cash for over 


of transactions 

(Banque de France, Jun 2018)

Across Asia,


of people say they

prefer using cash

(PayPal, 2017)

In Switzerland,


of household payments

occur with cash

(Swiss National Bank, May 2018)

Cash was relied upon by

2.7 million

people in the UK

(UK Finance, August 2017)