In Mexico,

63% of people

rely on cash

(World Bank, 2018)

In the United States of America,


of small business owners say they
will never stop accepting cash
(Square, 2019)

In 2016, consumers

in the eurozone made

124 billion

cash payments

(ECB, 2017)

In Spain, cash is used in


of all point-of-sale transactions

(European Central Bank, 2017)

In New Zealand,


of people prefer cash for small transactions

(Bank of New Zealand, 2019)

In Germany, cash payments are

7 seconds

faster than card payments with PIN entry

(Deutsche Bundesbank, Feb 2019)

In Greece, cash is used for


of point of sale payments

(Access to Cash Review, 2019)

Americans use cash for


of all transactions in 2017

(Federal Reserve, Nov 2018)

In Canada,


of payments under $15

are made with cash

(Bank of Canada, 2018)