Canadian Cash Caper Captivates Community

calendar iconMay 20, 2022


Cash prizes await residents of a city in southern Canada who solve clues posted by a mysterious figure on the local Facebook page, with hundreds of dollars already discovered.

On 2 May, a clue posted by an individual calling themself Roman Dungarvan led to a stash of $100 in banknotes hidden at Ritchie Wharf in Miramichi, New Brunswick. Since then, the user has continued offering hints, often in the form of horror movie references, such as a still from a Friday the 13th Part 4 featuring a dog called Gordon, which directed people to cash hidden at Gordon’s Wharf.

The user’s name may also be horror themed, with the group suggesting it references a local ghost story centred around the Dungarvan River in the 1800s, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a murdered cook. Roman Dungarvan is encouraging those who find the hidden money to donate some of their winnings to the local foodbank, with users saying it appears their motivation is simply ‘to give back to the community’.

The group has swelled in size from a few hundred when it first started to over five thousand, with locals saying the cash-based game has brought some excitement to their normally quiet community.

In a recent celebration of Friday the 13th (of May), 13 $100 bills were hidden in 13 different locations in a post that extended an invitation to people from beyond the city to visit and try their hand at finding one. Local Samantha Savoie—who had a near miss when she saw someone else find one of the hidden banknotes—hoped she might be more lucky in the new hunt.

There’s not really a whole lot to do in Miramichi normally, so this gives you kind of a rush.
"Samantha Savoie, Miramichi Resident and Cash Hunter
Last Updated: Feb 5, 2023