Cash is Friendly

Jan 26, 2024

Tried, tested and trusted, cash is a familiar face wherever you go. It showcases a nation’s proudest achievements, uniting citizens in a common, cultural experience. It brings people together, from putting banknotes in a birthday card to buying local street food when visiting somewhere new. Cash is the friendliest way to pay!

In an increasingly online and digital world, cash is among the physical products gaining new fans as young people discover the unique advantages of analogue items. From film cameras to board games, from vinyl records to cash—named Gen Z’s top payment choice in a 2022 survey—people around the world are looking for ‘a return to human experience’ and the joys of offline, in-person interactions.

Cash is familiar, from early childhood, when it helps teach financial literacy, to gifts given for coming of age, Christmas, Eid, Lunar New Year and many other celebrations. It brings with it excitement and choices such as what to buy and when to save. It also acts as a gateway to other cultures when travelling abroad and holding another country’s banknotes and coins for the first time, learning their value and the meaning of the people, landmarks and nature adorning them.

As well as being a private and instant way to pay for goods and services, cash supports local businesses, which can struggle to cover the fees associated with card transactions. Whether at home or abroad, banknotes and coins are a reliable and appreciated way to pay, and for vacations their tangible nature can make staying on budget easier, as well as ensuring food and other goods can be purchased from small vendors that may not offer cashless options.

But friendliness is just one of the joys of cash! Look for us on your social media channel of choice to see our full series and find out more about how cash supports a fair, private and joyful world!

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2024