Global Currency Forum 2024

May 29, 2024


The second Global Currency Forum, presented by the International Currency Association, will take place at the Shangri-La Hotel in Muscat, Oman from 30 September until 3 October.

The event theme is ‘The Value that Cash brings to Society’, and everyone wishing to network, learn or be inspired by industry best practices and innovations is invited.

Visitors will have:

  • the opportunity to participate in debates and discussions on the critical questions on the role that cash plays in society today and tomorrow
  • see new offerings first-hand presented directly to you by the supplier community
  • leave with new knowledge, new contacts and plenty of inspiration

Day 1: "The Social Value of Cash"

Anticipate an engaging first day at the Global Currency Forum 2024 which explores "The Social Value of Cash." This session will illuminate the integral role cash plays in our modern society and its impact notably on financial inclusion and consumer choice.

Day 2: "The Current Challenges for Cash"

The second day of the Global Currency Forum 2024 will address "The Current Challenges for Cash." It will offer forward-looking discussion on the evolving issues facing the currency industry.

Day 3: "Shaping Cash for the Future"

The concluding day will be a visionary exploration titled "Shaping Cash for the Future", taking a deep dive into the new generation’s perspective on cash and the challenges and opportunities arising from this.

For more details and to book a place, visit the Global Currency Forum website.

Last Updated: May 29, 2024