82% of American consumers

use cash for smaller items

(Cardtronics, Health of Cash 2017)

Cash accounts for

90% of consumer

transactions in Mexico

(PYMNTS, 2018)

In 2016, cash share

made up 22.9%

of Spain's GDP
(PYMNTS, Jan 2018)

In 2016, cash was used in 

79% of all point of sale (POS)

transactions in Europe (ECB, Nov 2017)


of cash transactions under $10 is paid in cash in the USA

There are pproximately 

AU$1.5 billion

banknotes are in circulation 

(Reserve Bank of Australia, 2016)

5 million UK adults 

cancelled their bank cards in 2017
because of cybercrime
(comparethemarket.com, November 2017) 

In the USA,  86% of

consumers use cash on a daily,

weekly or monthly basis (Glory, 2017)


of Americans do not believe that the USA will be cashless in 2037