What if big brands had their own currency? A young designer's state of worldwide perplexity

calendar iconJul 5, 2017


So, you know about old cash, new cash, local cash and award-winning cash... but have you heard of brand cash? A creative mind hailing from France designed a beautiful set of brand-inspired mock banknotes, which got finance and fine art fiends in cyberspace wondering, what if companies became States and had their own currency?

The artist, Jade Dalloul took it one step further by asking, what if States are becoming more and more like companies? One thing's for sure, it does make for an interesting cultural comment on corporate giants Google, Facebook and McDonalds.

UPDATE (JUNE 19, 2019): Facebook unveils new currency backed by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, CoinBase, Uber, and more.

Will there one day be brand-regulated currency? Jade Dalloul explores the idea of companies-cum-state due to their contribution to the global economy with his pocket full of creativity but who knows what the future really holds. But at least we can be happy in the knowledge that cash has yet again served one of its many special roles as a cultural calling card.

The pseudo corporate banknotes are not only embossed with respective company logos but they also feature the founding faces behind the giant companies, mission statements and anti-counterfeiting details.

As convincing as they might be, his notes are not legal tender just yet but, if an idea for a mere graduation project can prompt such a buzz amongst designers and finance folks alike, we can be sure to expect very cool perspectives from Jade Dalloul's future projects.

See the graphic designer's portfolio here

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2019