The Visa Cashless Challenge winner that resumed accepting cash one week later

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To the disappointment of Visa's Cashless Challenge campaign, one Baltimore-based winner proved that going cash-free is a challenge not worth inflicting on their customers.

Land of Kush, a vegan restaurant devoted to supporting the local community say that after entering the competition just before the deadline was up and coming out as one of a gracious winner, still returned to accepting trusty cash. Why? Because they found going cashless to be unfair to their customers - many who rely on cash as well as those that prefer it. 

The latest figures show that 37,000 unbanked and 72,000 underbanked households would be excluded from cashless retail in Washington DC. 

Excerpt from The Star

For Land of Kush, a vegan soul food restaurant in nearby Baltimore, going cash-free proved a mistake for that exact reason. 

Earlier this year, owners Naijha Wright-Brown and her husband Gregory Brown won US$10,000 (RM41,805) in a “Cashless Challenge” set by VISA. 

“We're a black business, so we serve a diverse customer base... including people who just don't have bank accounts [...] there was a population that was very upset with this and we couldn't really afford to lose that third of transactions that we get.”
"Naijha Wright-BrownCo-ownerLand of Kush

They were motivated to enter and pledge to go cash-free after an armed robbery last Thanksgiving. 

But the experiment barely lasted a week. 

A good restaurant owner must ask themselves what their customers would think if they went cashless. In the case of Land of Kush, that includes living legend Stevie Wonder (the man behind the hit song "Cash In Your Face" among others) who returned for seconds after his first visit to the restaurant in 2014. 

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Last Updated: Nov 23, 2018