Swish crashes during popular football event in Skövde, Sweden

calendar iconJun 12, 2019

When Sweden's cashless payment app, Swish, crashed on a sunny Saturday for four hours, thousands were instantly reminded of the benefits of keeping cash around.

On this sunny Saturday on May 25th, 2019, thousands of visitors and children attending football classes at the Klassfotbollen in Skövde were unable to fuel up on drinks, food and other popular goods at sporting events.

The organizers suffered substantial losses and while the visitors were constantly frustrated at what should have been a happy, carefree day out with the family.

'It is incredibly unfortunate that this happens, and especially during a pay weekend. But we are working hard to solve this and debugging is underway.'
"Sofia NorénPress officer at SwishAs quoted by Aftonbladet (May 25, 2019)

A few weeks earlier, Sweden's central bank advised the public to stockpile cash in case of a cyber crisis. Keeping cash around has its benefits, "not just in times of crisis and war, but also in peacetime".

"I really hope it will be resolved soon. Otherwise, the major banks will come and buy up what has not been sold"
"Robert AlvarssonOrganiserKlassfotbollen

Excerpt from Aftonbladet article

According to Robert Alvarsson, the event is the most important source of income for the entire year.

In the end, it is the children who are worst affected by this when the money goes to them. Then it's not so much fun for visitors as it is quite warm and sunny here today, and they can't even buy a drink, says Robert Alvarsson.

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Last Updated: Jul 3, 2019