The Spectator: 'It's crazy to give up on cash'

calendar iconApr 14, 2017


Cash Matters is not the only one fighting for cash rights! A feature published on The Spectator looks at the ‘real value’ of cash - challenging financial entities with ‘near-pathological fears of the black market and tax avoidance’ gambling on a cashless future. 

The never-ending debate found a second wind in 2015 after a sharp rise in digital payments surpassed the estimated number of cash payments. Today, we see expectations of a cashless future stumped by a decided ‘cash is still king’ perspective. The wise and whimsical writings of David Butterfield cover some of the big social costs which include: a security blanket, a social equaliser, a symbol of independence and engagement and a cultural consciousness for tipping and charity.

"A pocketful of change is a gallery-cum–museum."
"David ButterfieldContributorThe Spectator

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Butterfield, David. "It's crazy to give up cash." The Spectator. Electronically published January 28, 2017. Accessed April 24, 2017.

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2017