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September 23rd-26th, 2019: The Asia Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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From September 23rd-26th, 2019, the Asia Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) will be taking place at the Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Organized by Currency Research, all four annual ICCOS events (Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa) can be counted on to bring together cash circulation stakeholders for an insightful knowledge share of good ideas, cost-saving technologies, strategies, best practices, and case studies for their respective region. Formerly known as ICCOS, the Cash Cycle Seminar series have evolved (since its launch in 1995) into a premier global seminar for commercial cash management, distribution and circulation.

The conference opens on Monday with a welcoming cocktail reception (as well as optional pre-conference workshops) and closes on Thursday with a tour of the Printing Plant. In between, attendees will take part in in plenary sessions that include presentations and panel discussions promising to refresh their knowledge about the latest issues facing Asia' cash cycle:

Plenary Sessions

  1. Presentations: Trends in Cash Usage, the Cash Cycle and Digital Payments
  2. Panel Discussion: Speeding Up the Cash Cycle – Lowering Cost of Cash Operations
  3. Panel Discussion: Revolutionary Change in Cash Withdrawal - Maintaining Currency Quality and Security
  4. Panel Discussion: Regulation of CMCs Given Their Key Role in Improving the Cash Cycle
  5. Panel Discussion: Cash in Transition – A Digital Destiny?
  6. Presentations: Resiliency - BCP, Fraud and Cyber Security
'This session discusses the trends in cash and non-cash payments, and whether the cash cycle is adapting to the change.'
" Description of 'Trends in Cash Usage, Digital Payments' as summarised by Currency Research

Who should attend?

Senior executives, managers, and other key decision makers involved in the processing, authentication, logistics, and regulation of large cash volumes are encouraged to attend.


Shangri-La Hotel Colombo

2, 1 Colombo
Galle - Hambantota
Wellawaya Hwy, Colombo
00200, Sri Lanka

UPDATE: Regarding the impact of the tragic Easter Sunday attack, the event organisers have expressed both concern and admiration for the resilience of Sri Lanka, and after taking every precaution, they have confirmed that the Asia Cash Cycle will go ahead as planned. More information on their decision can be found here. The event notice also includes a letter of support from The Honourable John A. E. Amaratungu, Minister of Tourism Development.

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