Reserve Bank of Australia: New $10 banknote design

calendar iconMay 12, 2017


The Reserve Bank of Australia released the newly designed $10 banknote on Friday featuring famous Australian writers Andrew Barton "Banjo" Paterson and Dame Mary Gilmore. The celebrated writers were also part of the banknote when it was first issued in  November 1993.

RBA Governor Philip Lowe said that the works of the two writers were recognised in several design elements on the banknote. He said that excerpts of their poetry in microprint were included alongside the images. Paterson's poem "The Man from Snowy River" would be included through Australiana illustrations. Images such as billabong, horseman and homestead were added. Gilmore's "No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest," excerpt appeared on the banknote's left-hand side.

"Each banknote in the new series will feature a different species of native Australian wattle and bird. The $10 banknote features the Bramble Wattle (Acacia victoriae) and the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita)," Lowe said in a statement.

The new banknote would come with security features to avoid counterfeiting. The security features include the patch with a rolling colour effect and a top-to-bottom clear window. The complex holograms and some specified areas were visible only under UV light. These features were also present in the $5 banknote issued in 2016.

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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2017