Out of candy? Fear not. Trick-or-Treaters take cash!

calendar iconOct 31, 2019

While candy and sugary cakes may be the highlight for kids over the spooky festivities on October 31st, there's an alternative offering that any trick-or-treater would love...


Still true to its origin, the modern Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating is largely inspired from the old Celtic tradition of guising, where children dress as spirits of the dead and visit houses begging for snacks and, you guessed it, coins. Over time, the range of costumes grew but the offerings centered on candies. Perhaps it is time to reawaken the spirit of cash for Halloween.

There may not be any official surveys tracking the rise and fall of trick-or-treating rates, but more and more reporters are questioning if the sacred halloween tradition is in decline. Partly to blame, are the growing concerns of finding pins and razor blades in packaged candies. Instead of giving into the wrong kind of Halloween fears, cash could help keep the spirit of scary costumes and friendly neighborhood interactions alive...or at least, undead.

Cash, not for eating, can be easily inspected for sharp objects plus, it gives wee' ghouls the opportunity to shop for whatever snack they were most hoping to receive. It also means that pesky dietary requirements won't get in the way of Halloween fun. Giving trick-or-treaters a few coins or small denomination banknotes means gluten-free, nut-allergic and lactose intolerance children are also able to pick out their preferred and dietarily-sound nibbles. You can even paint pumpkins teal to signify food allergy awareness!

Last Updated: Jan 3, 2020