Lyft Introduces Cash Payment Option

calendar iconAug 12, 2022


As cash is increasingly recognised as an indispensable aid to budgeting—especially among young people—as well as being the most inclusive payment option, transport service provider Lyft has added the option to pay with cash at thousands of retailers across America.

As of late June, Lyft has introduced a system with which customers can use banknotes and coins to add to a Lyft Cash balance at more than 35,000 locations nationwide, including Walmart, ACE Cash Express and Kroger Family of Stores. This balance can then be used to book rides ‘with no added fees or charges’.

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We believe that access to transportation shouldn’t be a barrier for anyone, including those who are cash-preferred.

The new option ensures anyone can access their services, including those who prefer using cash over cashless options, and those who lack bank accounts or payment cards.

We know cash is the primary form of payment for many people, and we hope this helps people get where they need to go more easily.
"Kaushik Subramanian, VP of Enterprise Platforms at Lyft

Lyft follows in the footsteps of Uber, which started offering cash as a payment option in cities across India in 2015 and has since expanded it to other countries, as well as its Uber Eats service. Another example of traditionally digital-only businesses becoming cash friendly is Amazon Cash—introduced in 2017—that allows people to purchase credit on their Amazon account using physical money at participating stores. The intent in all cases is to add payment flexibility for people who prefer not to use cashless options, and most especially to ensure goods and services are accessible to those for whom cashless payments—such as debit or credit cards—are not available.

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2022