In Vietnam, 69% of the population is unbanked (World Bank, 2018)

calendar iconJul 8, 2019

The statistic comes from the World Bank report, The Little Data Book of Financial Inclusion report, published in April 2018.

Approximately 69% of adults in Vietnam are unbanked and thus depend on cash to buy or sell goods and services. That means that out of Vietnam's 97 million citizens, there are approximately 50 million people, aged 15 and over, relying on cash.

Other findings from the World Bank report

  • 30.8% of adults in Vietnam have bank accounts
  • 35% of people in Europe and Central Asia are unbanked
  • 66.5% of people in the Middle East and North Africa are unbanked
  • 44.6% of people in Latin America & the Caribbean are unbanked
  • 31.5% of adults globally do not have bank accounts...that's 1.7 billion people!

The document is a pocket edition of the Global Findex database, presenting its third round of data collection since the Global Findex database was launched in 2011. Indicators are organized by country, region and income group, and delve into the use of formal and informal financial services.

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Cash is Democratic

Access to cash is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Cash is available to anyone and everyone, regardless of their social status, financial standing or creditworthiness. Cash does not involve fees and no registration is needed to obtain, spend or accept it.

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