Five Creative Ways to Give Christmas Cash

calendar iconDec 21, 2020

Cash is a classic Christmas gift: the voucher that is accepted everywhere. Notes slipped into a card will always be welcome, but if you’re looking for something a little more creative, here are five ideas for inspiration.

5: The Cash Chocolate Box

Notes and coins can be elegantly presented in an empty chocolate box (bonus: you get to empty it). While there might be a moment of disappointment when the recipient realises they can’t eat their present, this will soon turn to joy when they think of how much chocolate they can buy with your generous gift.

4: Cash Decorations

Notes can be incorporated into wreaths and tree decorations, folded into festive shapes or rolled and tied with metallic ribbon. Just don’t lose them under the sofa if you have a cat that pulls your tree over on a daily basis.

3: The Cash Lei

Banknotes are beautiful—both as aesthetic representations of your nation’s great people and landmarks, and for the exciting possibilities they offer—and a Hawaiian-style lei necklace shows them off to great effect. Bonus points if you also include some edible treats, for immediate gratification!

2: Cash-Filled Balloons

Both coins and notes can be placed into clear balloons, making a fun and attractive gift. This one may be best left to the experts at your local party shop, unless you have a lot of patience and no neighbours to disturb with the frequent bangs of bursting balloons.

1: The Cash-filled Tissue Box

After removing the tissues from a box, you can refill it with cash. Some people go so far as to join the notes together, so they can be pulled out like tissues, but be careful doing that—no one likes glue-covered cash. Wrap it beautifully and await the fun of seeing your friend or family member trying to pretend they’re pleased with what appears to be a common box of tissues!

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2020