Choose the Next Euro Coin Design

calendar iconMar 3, 2021


Cash connects people, with coin and banknote designs reflecting the shared culture and ideals of a nation or—in the case of Europe—a union of nations. This March, you can be a part of that rich tradition by helping choose a new €2 coin design.

The Erasmus Programme is a European Union initiative that helps students to study abroad with the goal of providing them a more rounded and global education experience. Since its launch in 1987, the programme has promoted the mobility of millions of students within the European community, with over 4,000 universities across 31 countries participating. In 2022, Erasmus will celebrate its 35th anniversary and the European Central Bank is commemorating its achievements with a special €2 coin design.

A shortlist of six designs has been prepared and everyone is invited to vote for the one they feel best represents the role Erasmus plays in creating a more inclusive and diverse Europe, and in bringing the best of European culture to participating partner countries beyond the EU.

Choose a piece of history to carry around in your wallet.
"European Central Bank

Usable by everyone—regardless of age, location or social status—cash is the most democratic and inclusive payment choice. Between this and its presence in all our lives (and wallets) it is the perfect vehicle for recognising the remarkable achievements of projects such as Erasmus.

Click here to view the designs and vote for your favourite. The poll closes at midnight on 31 March 2021 (CET).

Last Updated: Mar 2, 2021