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Sep 12, 2022


Cash Matters is a civil society movement, funded by the International Currency Association (ICA), that channels voices that support the existence and relevance of cash as an integral part of the payment landscape now and in future.

Cash Matters has been actively and successfully advocating for cash with all stakeholders (industry, politics, central banks, NGOs, society at large) since it was launched in 2017. Cash plays a pivotal role in societies as a pillar of democracy, and is key to personal freedom and independence. Cash Matters supports and initiates corresponding campaigns on a global level, ensuring a voice for cash is heard. It closely cooperates with other cash-related organisations to guarantee a global reach.

The Cash Matters website provides a resource and library of articles about cash and its relevance for societies around the world for industry, decision-makers and the wider public. Videos tailored to the general public, studies on the most pressing issues around cash and a growing presence on all relevant social media channels round off the movement.

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