65% of Americans do not believe that the USA will be cashless in 2037

June 19, 2017 Share Source

A report by YouGov Profiles was published on 15th June 2017 with the aim of '[producing] practical advice' for entities seeking to understand demographics that could be swayed into opting for non-cash payment alternatives. In fact, the subtitle of the report is, 'How to increase your cashless customers base'. However, it also offers plenty of information on why people are sticking to cash and not letting go. Our favourite kind of people...

If 35% of Americans polled believe the USA will be cashless in 20 years, a whopping 65% believe otherwise. The report's analysis tells us that security is one of the biggest contributing factors to this trend. #CashIsSecure 

65 americans don't believe in cashless 2037

'Organisations around the world are heading towards a cashless future increasingly driven by mobile payments. Whilst 35% of the population of America believe a fully cashless society will be in place within 20 years, there are hurdles that are stopping consumers going cashless, especially around security.'

YouGov Profiles: 'Cashing In: USA' (June 2017)

YouGov Profiles: 'Cashing In: USA' (June 2017)

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Hiebert, Paul. "America won't go cashless until consumers know their money is safe." YouGov: What the world thinks. June 15, 2017. Accessed June 19, 2017. Web. 

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Last Updated: Sept. 15, 2017