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31.5% of the world's population live without bank accounts (World Bank, 2018)

calendar iconNov 15, 2018

This statistic comes from the Global Findex Database 2017, released by the World Bank in April, 2018. The results can also be found in its pocket edition, The Little Data Book on Financial Inclusion.

According to the World Bank's research, 31.5% of the people over age 15 live without bank accounts globally, that's over 1.7 billion people relying almost entirely on cash to get by.

Other findings

  • 35% of adults in Europe and Central Asia are unbanked
  • 66.5% of adults in the Middle East and North Africa are unbanked
  • 44.6% of adults in the Latin America & Caribbean are unbanked

Read more about the report here

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2020

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