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February 20th-21st, 2019: The Future of Cash in Athens, Greece

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From February 20th-21st, 2019, the Future of Cash conference will be taking place at The Mariott Hotel in Athens, Greece.

From the Future of Cash

This conference focuses on the optimization of the cash cycle. It will bring together all stakeholders involved in the cash cycle to discuss new strategies for creating the cash cycle of the future. It will look at how cash can be successful in the modern payment environment.

'Despite the increasing popularity of digital payment methods, nearly 85% of all retail transactions today are still made with cash, representing around 60% of retail transaction value.'
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The Future of Cash conference was the first of its kind to bring together all stakeholders involved in the cash cycle. It typically attracts delegates from central banks, financial institutions, retailers, cash management companies, technology providers and other suppliers.

The 2019 event will take place over two days and will include sessions on:

  • Changing demand
  • Improvements in cash collection
  • Making cash more efficient
  • How technical and process innovation can transform the way cash is used and handled.

Within these sessions will be a series of presentations covering:

  • Central bank perspectives on cash
  • Changing cash cycle models
  • Cash recycling and substitution
  • Cash center efficiency
  • Standards and automation
  • Cross-stakeholder collaboration.

The discussions will be led by Brett Scott; Amy Burr, Federal Reserve; Jan Binnekamp, Dutch National Bank; David Hensley, Cash Services and Jonathan Dharmapalan, eCommerce Mint.


Wyndham Grand Athens

2 Megalou Alexandrou Street
GR 10437
Athens, Greece

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Last Updated: Feb. 5, 2019

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