2-day Telstra blackout and Australians advised to use cash

calendar iconNov 3, 2018


Australia's Telstra experienced a two-day network outage that affected businesses across the country. The leading provider of mobile phones, services and internet advised people to carry cash while the issue was resolved.

Australians were unable to use Eftpos machines and ATMs, after a "faulty vendor equipment" caused the nation-wide blackout. Cashless citizens were left unexpectedly stranded when trying to pay for taxis at the end of a trip or charge customers using Eftpos.

“We sincerely apologise to customers for the impact it had through yesterday and overnight,”
"Teftpos spokespersonAs quoted by the Guardian

Screenshot from Telstra Twitter account @TelstraEnt

While the company updated their Twitter followers as best they could, customers had a lot to say about the costs of the crash, exposing the risks of fully depending on cashless systems. 

Read full Guardian article here

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Last Updated: Nov 5, 2018