19th-21st February 2018: The High Security Printing EMEA Conference in Warsaw, Poland

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From 19th-21st February 2018, The High Security Printing Europe, Middle East & Africa Conference will be taking place at the Hilton Warsaw Hotel & Convention Centre in the heart of Poland's capital. The conference, organised by Reconnaissance, will see key stakeholders coming together to explore 'the latest techniques used by document examiners to deter altered and counterfeit travel and identity documents' with a focus on 'government-specified and issued documents'.

The event will feature general sessions led by international industry presenters, optional pre-conference seminars and post-conference gala dinner, during which, the Best Banknote and Best ID Document Awards will be presented. The professional yet comfortable conference is the perfect opportunity for networking and learning all about the current issues facing the high-security printing industry. Finally, national producer of documents, banknotes and secure prints firm - Polish Security Printing Works - will be holding a production hall tour for central banks and government delegates only. 

"An excellent event. It was informative and the presentations and exhibition booths were full of information and knowledge. This will definitely help us in improving our banknotes in terms of design, quality, durability and security features."
" State Bank of Pakistan


High-security experts from around the world will have the chance to enhance their professional knowledge by attending seminars run by international industry leaders. Before the conference begins, there will be an optional seminar on effective counterfeit deterrence by Kerre Corbin a Counterfeit Analyst from De La Rue and former Counterfeit Specialist with the US Secret Service. Following the seminar, delegates will also have the choice of attending a workshop offering a 'practical overview of the various methods used for altering, tampering with and counterfeiting of passports and ID documents'.

Monday 19th February 2018: Pre-Conference Seminars (optional)

  • Morning: What is the Holy Grail of Banknotes and Where Can I Get it?  
  • Afternoon: Combating Document Fraud and Counterfeiting – A Practitioner’s Perspective

Tuesday 20th February 2018: General sessions I

  • General sessions
  • International presentations
  • Welcome cocktail reception

Wednesday 21st February 2018: General sessions II

  • General sessions
  • International presentations
  • Gala dinner and awards presentation
  • PWPW production hall tour (central banks and government delegates only)

The conference welcomes industry experts in all high security printing fields including:

Governments (central banks, banknote issuing authorities and issuers of passports, ID and travel documents); Regulators/Enforcement (law enforcement agencies, document examiners, border and immigration control and counterfeit analysts) and Specialist Service Providers & Equipment Suppliers (state printing works, commercial high security printers, suppliers of substrates, security features and biometrics, suppliers and integrators of passport and ID systems, pre-press, printing, finishing and inspection equipment manufacturers, and suppliers of specialist services for the security printing and ID markets). 

"This conference is the best opportunity to make contacts."
" Judiciary Police Portugal

General Sessions & International Presentations

With nine in-depth topics and over 30 presentations to choose from, delegates will have every opportinity to further their insight on important high security printing matters. Some of the presentations include:

Currency and Identity Documents in EMEA

  1. The Cash Cycle in Poland (Joanna Kolodzeij, National Bank of Poland)

Currency Developments 

  1. Norway’s New Banknote Series (Ragnhild Solberg, Norges Bank)
  2. Rebalancing Banknotes in Circulation and the New 200 and 2000 Denari Notes (National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia)
  3. Uzbekistan’s New 10,000 and 50,000 S’om Note (Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

Currency Features

  1. Advancements in Level 1 Banknote Security Features (Crane Currency from USA)
  2. Foil Features for Banknotes – Security, Recognisability, Attractiveness (Ian Smith, Kurz from Germany)
  3. Holograms on Banknotes – Latest Statistics and Development (Currency News from UK)

Production & Print

  1. Efficient Security; How Looking into the Finest Details can Improve Your Processes (Jean-Baptiste Lanternier, KBA-NotaSysf from Switzerland)
  2. The Facts about Foiling – From Banknotes to Secure Labels (Michael Grau, Gietz from Switzerland)

Cash Management and Processing

  1. The Death of Cash: How Can it be Avoided? (Ron Delnevo, ATM Industry Association)
  2.  21st Century Cash Management in the Middle East (Joep van den Brin, TransTrack International from the Netherlands)
  3. Polymer – A Catalyst for Change: Review of Published Downstream Circulation Impact of a Change to Polymer (Andrew Bonnell, CCL Secure from Australia)

See full seminar programme here


Hilton Warsaw Hotel &
Convention Centre
Grzybowska 63

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