16th-17th November 2017: The Holography Conference in Barcelona, Spain

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From 16th-17th November 2017, The Holography Conference will be taking place at The Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. Dominating the holography conference scene since 1990, this annual event continues to be regarded as the most enriching meeting of minds for users, producers, artists, strategist and providers within the industry. 

From international government and business representatives to scientist and academic minds, this cash event promises ample opportunity to calibrate (or re-calibrate) your views on the current holography landscape. Over just two days, attendees will learn about cutting-edge uses of holograms on banknotes, passports and identity documents as well as brand authentication, packaging, production and printing techniques from the experts themselves.

The event will also host the Annual General Meeting of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) over dinner on the first night (7pm-10pm); During which, the prestigious 2017 IHMA Excellence in Holography Awards will be presented to a well-deserving few for the following five categories:

  • Innovation in Holographic Technology 
  • Best Origination 
  • Best Display or Emerging Technology Application of Holography
  • Best Applied Security Product 
  • Best Applied Decorative/Packaging Product
"Fantastic topics of discussion and technically detailed papers"
" A representative from Sectago

For two days devoted to general sessions with paper presentations from various organisations, attendees can expect the conference to be packed with interesting sessions focusing on new materials, developing projects, a contextual look at holography, security, brands and more.

Thursday 16 November

  • Session 1: Innovations in Origination
  • Session 2: Materials & Production Developments
  • Session 3: 70 Years of Holography: Past, Present & Future

Friday 17 November

  • Session 4: Application of Surface Relief Structures and Holography
  • Session 5: Securing Documents and Brands I
  • Session 6: Securing Documents and Brands II

Over 100 delegates from over 15 countries will be attending, including:

Nanotech Security Corp (Canada); HOLOART HI-TECH (China); Combustion Ingenieros (Columbia); SURYS (France); temicon, Sectago, tesa scribos, Hologram Company, Papierfabrik Louisenthal (Germany); Hellenic Institute of Holography (Greece); Diavy (Italy); Kumbhat Holographics, Process Color (India); Optrace Limited (Ireland); Toppan Printing (Japan); University of Ilorin (Nigeria); Geola Digital Lab (Lithuania); Polish Holographic Systems (Poland); Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Computer Holography Centre, HoloGrate, Krypten Research & Production (Russia); LK Forensic Competencies, Morphotonix, nolax, CSEM (Switzerland); BEP Hologram (Turkey); Alan Hodgson Consulting, Hansholo Consulting, IHMA (UK) and New Light Industries, OpSec Security Group, L3 Technologies, Crown Roll Leaf, Wood & Associates (USA).


Catalonia Plaza Hotel

Plaza España, 6-8

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