10 Creative Ways to Give Christmas Cash

Dec 22, 2022

Looking for the perfect last-minute Christmas gift? Cash is an ideal choice, but if slipping some banknotes into a card feels a bit low-effort, take a look at these 10 creative suggestions from Cleverly for inspiration.

01: The Cash Umbrella

Tie strings to the spokes of an umbrella being gifted and (carefully) attach banknotes to these, so that when the person receiving the umbrella opens it for the first time, banknotes rain down from it.

02: The Pizza Box Stash

Take a (clean!) empty pizza box and arrange a circle of banknotes in it to resemble a pizza. Add rolled banknotes around the edge for a stuffed crust appearance, and coins taped to red cardboard circles to resemble pepperoni slices.

03: Candy Box Cash

This one shows a way of folding banknotes (dollar bills in the example) to resemble candy. Then, just find a box with appropriately sized candy to replace and insert banknotes instead (then eat all the candy as a bonus).

04: A More Creative Cash Card

A fresh take on the classic banknote in a card, this suggestion has you drawing your own card—lots of colourful balloons in the example—and then sticking coins in appropriate places according to the design.

05: Cash in the Frame

Attach banknotes to a piece of card in a pleasing pattern, then frame them. Simple!

06: Pop-up Card

Another variation on the ‘banknote in a card theme’ sees a carefully folded and taped banknote pop out of the centre of a card looking like a gift box.

07: Hot Air Balloon

Start with a paper lantern, four straws, a small wicker basket and a jar. Fill the jar with coins, glue the straws to the basket and paper lantern to create a hot air balloon, then put the jar of coins into the basket and add decoration.

08: Cash Holding Card

Take a small envelope and put some cash into it. Print any picture of a large gift being held and print it out. Cut out part of the picture to provide a lip for holding the envelope (a person’s hands in the example) then sit it in place.

09: Cash Confetti Balloon

Roll up some banknotes and feed them into a translucent balloon along with some confetti, then blow it up. The recipient can burst it to be showered in confetti and cash!

10: Christmas Piñata

In this idea, you make a cardboard cylinder, fill it with confetti and banknotes, decorate it like a cake and then give it as a piñata. In Mexican Christmas tradition, Posadas Piñatas are seven-pointed stars, so you can get creative with the shape depending on your own traditions!

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2022