Cash maintains resilience in the USA, finds 2017 Health of Cash report

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'Cash maintains a prevalent and meaningful role in the payments landscape of the USA,' finds the 2017 Health of Cash report by Cardtronics - a leading self-service financial kiosks management company.

Despite the increase in digital transactions sweeping the world, the insightful study published in partnership with Edelman Intelligence is rife with a bounty of cash statistics about consumer shopping perspectives within the payments landscape in the USA.

With sections devoted to the 'current payments landscape', 'cash's enduring role in a digital world', the 'millennial spotlight' and the 'future of cash in a digital age', the report concludes that 'cash has formed a durable and enduring bond with American consumers'.

The Cardtronics report also finds that one of the cash-undecided corners of consumer behavior is the coffee shop, where currently, a dramatic 14% drop in cash payments has been replaced by digital alternatives. Will there be an organic return to cash in the coffee shop once the hype for digital payments subsides or will the war on cash and Visa's cashless challenge sink our caffeine ship, too? 

' has formed a durable and enduring bond with American consumers.'
"p. 4Key TakeawayCardtronics

Excerpt from 2017 Health of Cash study's Key Takeaway

In an evolving digital world, Cash Maintains Resilience

Through the 2017 Health of Cash Study, Cardtronics has found that cash maintains a prevalent and meaningful role in the US payments landscape. While it may not always be the most preferred payment option for all things, there are many instances where it is still exactly what people want, and precisely the way they choose to pay. Consumer payment behaviour is evolving and while people are adding digital to their payments toolkit, there is compelling evidence that cash has formed a durable and enduring bond with American consumers. 

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Health of Cash Study 2017. Cardtronics and Edelman Intelligence. Accessed 21st October 2017.


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Edelman Intelligence

An independent market research company which conducted the 20-minute online survey among nationally representative sample

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