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Creative woman transforms kitchen with copper coins!

calendar iconJun 10, 2020

In April, a British woman transformed her kitchen walls by decorating them with copper coins.

Emma Cox from Lincolnshire, England, took inspiration from similar projects posted online that pay homage to the humble copper penny. Since lockdown measures were imposed on 23rd March in the UK, many have turned to home projects to pass the time.

Courtesy of Metro.co.uk

Despite using mostly new and old British 1p coins, the wall features copper currency from all over the world including New Jersey and Spain. Cox told news outlets that she had previously been collecting the pennies before the project though, to ensure she had enough pennies to decorate the walls, she swapped £65 in her local Post Office for bags of the copper 1p coins.

”It’s better than I anticipated, it looks amazing! It catches the light all day and the different shades of copper couldn’t have been achieved if we had completed it with anything else.”
"Emma Cox

Combining a selection of old and new coins, the beautiful transformation creates a mesmerizing tribute to the culture and history of currency’s smallest token.

Penny Project - Wall

Taking Inspiration: Penny Floors

Using pennies for decoration is not a new phenomenon. While Cox may be one of the first to put it on her walls, many DIY enthusiasts have used pennies to create a similar effect on their flooring.

Jeweller Kelly Graham, from California, is one of many that kicked off the trend of using pennies to tile floors back in 2015. Her 3 week penny project saw her complete a stunning floor pattern using a mixture of over 7,500 pennies.

Penny floor from Kelly Graham


Have you completed a similar project? Or have you embraced currency as part of a DIY or art project? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and share your transformational tributes to cash.

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2020

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