63% of Europeans are concerned by recent declines in cash accessibility

calendar iconJan 5, 2022


This statistic is from the European Payments Landscape in 2030 Report.

The COVID-19 pandemic occasioned a shift in European payment behaviour, accelerating the progress of digital payments and seeing a rise in overall payment options. This report examines how these and potential future payments will develop over the coming decade, and where cash usage could fit alongside them.

Three key areas are explored: how technology will shape our payments future, the societal impacts of a decline in cash, and how regulation needs to develop in order to stay ahead of trends rather than 'playing catch up'.

Beyond infrastructure, there was a feeling that cash won’t die out because people will still use it – something that many of the experts felt was unlikely to change unless people’s hands are forced.
"Report: The European Payments Landscape in 2030

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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2022