380,000 card transactions intercepted in British Airways hacking attack

calendar iconSep 7, 2018


The British Airways website and app were the host of a recent hacker attack which affected hundreds of thousands of BA customers in under two weeks with 380,000 transactions intercepted.

Full names, addresses, card numbers, and expiry dates were compromised in the attack on customers who booked or amended flights between 21st August and 5th September 2018.

Anyone who, in-between these dates, booked a BA flight with their card is advised to contact their banks immediately. 

Britain's most famous airline apologized to their customers and are currently answering their concerns which have been flooding in via Twitter and other channels since BA's announcement last night. BA is also working with the police to investigate what was stolen and how.

Thankfully, customers who booked flights last week only to fly today still have the option to use cash while traveling. If there's anything worse than having to cancel your card while on holiday, it's having to cancel your card while traveling somewhere that's overly excited about going cashless. 

Sadly, once privacy is stolen, it cannot be returned.

"Anyone who believes that a cashless society would be better than what we have now is simply fooling themselves into a false sense of security. Data breaches like British Airways have experienced and bank crashes like TSB should clearly show that cash is still king and safer 🤔"
"Twitter user natalie@yaggiboomArtis, poet and photographerTwitter post (7 Sep 2018)

Controversially, British Airways ceased accepting cash on board flights last year. In light of this cybersecurity scandal, should customers not have the option to buy food with the one payment option that protects their privacy? 

One Twitter user took the opportunity to challenge BA's cashless policy only to receive this disappointing response:

Twitter thread with @British_Airways and Gary Griffith @garygriffith55

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Last Updated: Sep 3, 2021